New Album, New Website

So it’s been a long time coming – a brand new website for us! We’ve kept to social media for the past few years, but with the new album being released we really wanted to re-establish our web presence. There was a huge span of time between the release of “White Darkness” and “Retribution” — nearly 8 years! As a band we didn’t want to release something unless we felt it was at least as good as our last album, and admittedly we had a bit of writers block! Life happens and the years go by, but we really hope that you all feel as we do — that the new album is one of our best if not THE best! We’ve had so many publications say very kind things about “Retribution” and we really appreciate it. We’d like to share some of those with you in a moment, but we’d also like to thank YOU for listening to the album.

Thumbs Up!

Speaking of listening to the album, here are a few things some pretty well known and respected members of the prog rock/metal community had to say about “Retribution”!

Wow… Nightingale managed to write and record some catchy tunes here! The production is great as expected. Love the synth. And of course… that voice…Seems like Dan is only getting better with the years! Arjen Lucassen (Ayreon)

You may already know Arjen from Dan’s work on the two Star One albums, but if you aren’t familiar with them you should definitely check both albums out!

Here’s some thoughts from Dark Tranquillity’s front man, Mikael Stanne as well!

This is Dan Swanö and co. at their most heartfelt, melodic and passionate. A new classic! Mikael Stanne (Dark Tranquillity)

Here are a few publications that have given “Retribution” some great reviews — thanks guys!

We hope you all are happy with “Retribution” and we hope to see you at the shows! We’ve got a lot more in store for the site and YOU! So stay tuned in…