The Retribution Shirt

Initially sold exclusively through Swano Merch, this print features the cover artwork for Retribution on the front and nothing on the back. Small quantities will most likely be sold at future shows!

The Nightingale Logo Shirt

This one was sold along with the Invisible shirt on the Anniversary tour! The only shirt so far with a capital ‘N’ in the logo.

The Nightfall Overture Shirt

After wrapping up Invisible, the band went and re-recorded songs from the first four albums (The Breathing Shadow, The Closing Chronicles, I, and Alive Again) as well as an Edge of Sanity song and a new original tune. The cover artwork for the album is displayed on the front of the shirt and it was sold at shows through the ‘White Darkness’ era as well.

InProg 2006

Organized by the Russian Rock magazine, In Rock, the InProg festival has been held on a nearly annual basis in Moscow. Generally, most of the bands are from Russia, but there are some from countries that used to be Eastern Bloc back in the Soviet days. But Nightingale was one of the fortunate few bands from elsewhere to have the opportunity to play the festival. This shirt was sold exclusively at the InProg 2006 festival.

The 10 Year Anniversary Tour

The 10th Anniversary Tour shirt was produced right after the Invisible album was published. The front features the Invisible cover art and the back displays the tour dates. This print was produced in a very limited run and only available on the tour dates. The short tour hit a few cities in the Netherlands as well as Germany.

Alive Again in Cyprus

A special version of the Alive Again shirt was printed specifically for the live gig in Cyprus back in 2003. A pretty big deal considering it was the first time a rock band had played on the island in over 12 years! But we need your help! No members of the band have a copy of this shirt. Send us an email if you can provide photos of the shirt and we’ll happily put YOUR photo up here!

Alive Again Shirt

The Alive Again shirt was printed shortly after the release of the album, “Alive Again” way back in 2003. It was available at most of the shows during this time as well as on the website. It features the very abstract album artwork by Matt Cira on the front (arguably the most abstract artwork the band has used on their albums) and the band photo on the back. The band photo on the back of this shirt is probably the most used photograph of the band and it has been used as the photo on social media sites as well as other print materials. The influence from Queen is strong.

The “I” Shirt

Produced right before ProgPower USA in 2001, this shirt was the first “album” shirt produced. First sold in Atlanta, it remained the only publicly available Nightingale shirt for quite some time. It was also the first Nightingale shirt available at live shows. The print is larger on the front and the back compared to the ProgPower USA 2001 Sponsor Shirt. The Nightingale logo is also larger in size and stretches across the entire cover unlike the ProgPower Sponsor Shirt.

ProgPower USA 2001 Sponsor Shirt

Although similar to the “I” shirt, this was released a few months before ProgPower USA in 2001 as a way to show support for the band and help finance all the expenses related to traveling to the USA. These were sold in a very small number and for a very limited time. If you have one – you’re awesome! And we really appreciate your support for so many years. The “I” shirt was printed soon after and we sold those ones in Atlanta and after. You can tell the difference between the two prints as the Sponsor Shirt print is slightly smaller in scale compared to the “I” shirt. The band logo is also smaller and aligned to the right of the cover.