It’s time to Rock Hard!

Just a reminder that we’ll be appearing this Sunday (15/05/2016) from 14:05 – 14:50 at the Rock Hard Festival ( The band is currently scheduled to do autographs at 15:30 – 16:15. Come out and rock with us!


Nightingale confirmed for Germany’s Rock Hard 2016 festival

Nightingale has just been booked to play the upcoming 2016 iteration of the Rock Hard festival in Germany! Super excited!

Magazine Article

If you can’t read that properly, here is the text in German:

“Die Schweden NIGHTINGALE sind neben Witherscape die aktuell wichtigste Band des ehemaligen Edge-Of-Sanity-Kopfs Dan Swanö, und wir sind mächtig stolz, dass sie auf dem Rock Hard Festival eine ihrer raren Shows spielen. Neben ihren eigenen Melodic-Progressive-Goth-Hardrock-Schoten (hell yeah!) werden sie natürlich auch den einen oder anderen EOS-Klassiker aus der Mottenkiste holen. Black blood, black tears!”

And in English: Next to Witherscape, Swedens NIGHTINGALE is the most important band of former Edge of Sanity’s mainman Dan Swanö, and we are mighty proud that they will be playing one of their rare live shows at the Rock Hard Festival.In addition to their own Melodic-Progressive-Goth-Hardrock-songs (hell yeah!) they will of course dig out as well one or the other of the EOS-classics.Black blood, black tears!

For more information, check out the Official Rock Hard Festival site (

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